Emotion Media Factory

Network Partners

We have networked with the very best Media Specialists around the globe to provide you as a customer of EMF the utmost in creativity and excellence, no matter what your project requires.


3D Video Mapping

When a Multi-Media Project requires high quality 3D Mapping, we integrate the expertise of our partner Maxin10sity, ensuring the leading edge in Video Mapping performance and production.


System design and integration

A leading German System integration company founded 1973, with offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Leipzig, employs more than 190 people to furnish a large variation of Venues with state-of-the-art Media technologies.


Design for sustainable & edutaining leisure attractions

The Italian design company focuses on creating ecologic, sustainable & edutaining leisure attractions for Public spaces, Family Entertainment Centres, Amusement Parks, Malls & Museums to raise awareness on the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Music composing & production

An exceptional gifted award-winning composer and virtual orchestrator produces stunning music for TV Shows, Films, and large-scale Multi-Media shows.


Communication & design agency

Asterias is a communication and design agency based in Athens, Greece. Founded back in 1990, we have been growing with one principle in mind: Our work is about creative and effective design first and foremost.